OUR Services

OUR Services


Energetus’ service department is your full service provider focusing on Generating Sets and Wind Power Turbine, offering ad hoc and corrective maintenance or full service maintenance contracts to the customer.

We are able to carry out works on the whole power plant, including electrical and mechanical auxiliary systems where applicable, being your single point of contact for all maintenance related issues.

We are certified by the OEM to carry out works on equipment of various manufacturers, including MTU, Sulzer and Senvion. For example, we are certified by Senvion to maintain their Wind-turbines, carrying out scheduled and unscheduled maintenances.

Our technical team is prepared to quickly respond with a quality service. Our several warehouses, which supply parts to the operational teams, are distributed over national territory, including the island of Madeira, allowing a fast and effective response to customer requests. With our fleet of vehicles from light commercial vehicles to heavy pick-ups we are able to access almost any location and are equipped with special tools and EPI’s fundamental for the execution of the task.

Energetus - Services / Maintenance
Energetus - Services / Operations


Energetus has a well-trained and highly qualified power plant operation team. The following tasks are carried out by this team of specialists:

  • Power plant operation
  • Regular maintenance of the plant auxiliary systems
  • Corrective maintenance of the plant auxiliary systems
  • Production management

In cases where operation contracts are already in place or operation is done by the OEM or a third party, Energetus can assist the owner with the management of the operation of the power plant, assisting the customer in every aspect.

Spare Parts

Energetus Spare Parts Department works in straight cooperation with renowned OEM brands such as Sulzer, MTU Onsite Energy, or Caterpillar (MWM/Deutz brand, gas only).

Energetus also has the possibility to supply Spare Parts from different brands for several other auxiliary equipment such as Air Compressors, Pumps, Separators, Emergency Generators, Filters (Oil and Water), Air Coolers, Valves, etc.

Energetus has several warehouses spread across Portugal with a significant engine spare part stock, allowing fast and reduced delivery times. All spare parts supplied are OEM products and as such dully certified and produced by the original equipment manufacturer, guaranteeing maximum performance and longevity of the equipment.

Energetus also has the expertise and certifications to exchange the parts on your equipment, and as such can offer trained Engineers and Technicians for both land and maritime based engines all around the world.

Energetus - Services / Spare Parts

Our Partners for OEM Spare Parts

Energetus - Services / Senior Consulting

Senior Consulting

Energetus can help your with all your concerns about your power plant.

Our Senior Consultants are experienced engineers in the field for many years and with unmatched knowledge. They have been called for support from Asia to the Americas and from Northern Europe to Southern Africa.

Currently, our main focus are HFO and Diesel based power plants with generating equipment of a certain age, which we can maintain, refurbish or replace with new equipment or convert to natural gas.

Together with our spare parts division we offer a service which is unrivalled in this segment.